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Please purchase our other Help Haiti shirt here.

Special thanks to our printer, Image Designers Inc., for giving us a discount on printing! Their discount will add on to the total donation to Haiti.

This shirt is the $20 option for those who wish to give more to Haiti. The $15 option is available here. This $20 shirt allows you to donate an additional $5 over the $15 shirt.

Given the catastrophic events that occurred in Haiti, Doubletake Clothing wants to do something to help the 3 million people affected by the earthquake. No words can describe what the Haitian population is going through right now.

All net proceeds will go to several Haiti Earthquake Relief Organizations including the UNICEF, Doctors Without Borders, and CSI Ministries. Doubletake Clothing is not charging any overhead (we make $0!) and all domestic shipping costs are included! International shipping is reduced to $5. We're working with suppliers to reduce the costs of materials to maximize the donation to Haiti. We will periodically update our estimated total donation.

This is a pre-order item, so we will get the shirts to you as fast as possible.

Our prayers are with Haiti.

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Update (1/13/10 11:05PM EST): If you want to specify where your donation will go, use coupon code "UNICEF", "DOCTORS", or "CSI". 1% will be taken off your total order.
(Unfortunately, using a coupon code is our only means of classifying using our current system, and 1% is the lowest amount.)

1/14/10 8:20AM EST: $443 raised
1/14/10 10:20AM EST: $829!
1/14/10 11:02AM EST: $1000!
1/14/10 5:47PM EST: $2000!
1/15/10 6:25AM EST: $2639!!
1/15/10 1:33PM EST: $3000!!
1/16/10 8:31AM EST: $3448!!
1/17/10 9:27AM EST: $3947!!
1/17/10 6:19PM EST: $4322!!
1/18/10 9:58AM EST: $4616!!
1/19/10 8:58AM EST: $5216!!
1/24/10 6:59PM EST: Over $7,000!!

Final: We just donated $13,475! Thanks for all the help!

You guys are amazing! Please continue sharing with your co-workers, friends, and family. This is turning into something extremely special!! We recommend sharing with Twitter (with #haiti tags) and Facebook! Thank you for supporting Haiti!

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